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Selling Commercial Real Estate

Are you interested in selling a commercial property? Our team of real estate agents have been helping customers sell their commercial real estate for 20 years. We hold our level of service in high regard. 

We seek to add value to our relationships by developing a highly individualized plan that meets the specific needs of each client. We start with the premise that each assignment must address your return, expense, and time parameters. We analyze the elements of cash flow, appreciation potential, credit worthiness, property or business operations, and more. Discretion is paramount. 

We also assist in determining the value of the property, which may include a higher utilization of space, land or “tenant mix”. Your preference for selling or leasing to tenants is confirmed. We coordinate with related professionals to determine the current zoning and dimensional allowances that pertain to your property, which gives our team and client some direction in finding the highest and best use of the subject property, and helps to provide a pathway for determining the target audience for the marketing of the property.

We report to you on a regular basis, advising of developments and conferring on pertinent matters. An appointed professional member of our brokerage team will be your point of contact throughout our agreement. 

Contact us to speak with one of our commercial real estate agents today to talk about your goals